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Patented concave shape uses your body weight and relieves back pain and muscle tension comfortably in your own home.

Armen J. Dumas, M.D., learned years ago, at the beginning of his career in physical medicine and rehabilitation, that lying on a flat surface can alleviate back pain. He heard reports from many of his patients who came to him, suffering and in pain, about how spinal traction and physical therapy can provide temporary relief.  He also discovered that exercise will prolong relief and reduce recurring back pain, muscle spasms and pinched nerves.  After years of working diligently to assist his patients with their health and quality of life, the patented and FDA registered Wondertrack® was born.

A hard plastic surface modeled after a large diameter pipe, the Wondertrack® is an innovative approach, aided by gravity, to the body's natural responses.  Produced with a unique concave shape with a flat straight center axis, Wondertrack® puts your back into a well aligned position without complicated equipment, devices or procedures. The curved sides cradle you, keeping you comfortable and allowing your back to relax. The more your muscles relax, the more pain relief you will feel as your spine straightens and your back sinks into a more comfortable and natural position.  Simply lying still for ten to twenty minutes once or twice a day can provide hours of relief, allowing you to exercise regularly and lead a more active life.

With Wondertrack®, finding relief for your strains, aches and pains has never been easier or more comfortable.  With only a few minutes each day of rest, followed by stretching and strengthening exercises, your back pains will melt away.  Allow your body to get back on track with Wondertrack® and experience the freedom a life without back pain can provide.


Wondertrack is a FDA Registered device

"I have treated hundreds of patients with chronic back pain, and suffer from back pain myself. I designed Wondertrack® to provide my patients with an effective, non-medicated way to relieve their back pain between treatments. We have achieved great success with Wondertrack® and are delighted to now offer this revolutionary device to you."

-Armen J. Dumas, M.D.



Consult your medical professional before using Wondertrack® or beginning any exercise program. Stop the exercises immediately if you feel any pain, strain or discomfort during exercise.
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